Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Lady Upstairs


Author: Halley Sutton 

Publisher: Putnum’s

Year: 2020


“Never love anyone more than yourself.”

Author Halley Sutton’s debut is slow burning modern day noir. 

Protagonist Jo works for the Lady Upstairs, a mysterious woman who makes it her business to bring down powerful, abusive, cheating men in LA. 

Jo has never met the Lady. Doesn’t know her name or what she looks like. The Lady’s instructions are passed on to Lou. Then it’s Jo’s job is to set up the scheme to take down the mark. And the scheme is always the same- photograph and record each man in a compromising position and demand lots of money to keep the pics under wraps. Jo and Lou think of their work as striking a blow to the patriarchy and teaching bad men a lesson. But they are really just grifters conning rich men. 

Jo has recruited Ellen to help bring a sleazy movie producer down. The pressure is on Jo to finish the job and collect the money because she has to pay off a debt to the Lady. The job goes horribly wrong and the producer ends up dead. Jo’s debt to the Lady grows and as time runs short, she becomes more desperate, setting off a chain of events that exposes secrets and lies. 

The flawed characters, setting and quick pacing make a compelling thriller. You’ll definitely want this on your TBR list. The Lady Upstairs publishes November 17th and it’s getting a lot of buzz already. 

Thank you to NetGalley and GP Putnum’s for the review copy. 

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