Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Nothing Man


Author: Catherine Ryan Howard

Publisher: Blackstone 

Year: 2020


“I was the girl who survived the Nothing Man. Now I am the woman who is going to catch him.”

When Eve Black was 12 years old she was the only member of her family to survive a home invasion by the Nothing Man. As an adult, all Eve wants to do is identify the Nothing Man. She writes a book about the Nothing Man’s attacks on her family and his other victims. 

Jim Doyle, a supermarket security guard, sees Eve’s true crime memoir on sale and realizes the danger he is in. Jim is the Nothing Man and he knows Eve will stop at nothing to find him. So he must come out of retirement stop her first. 

Catherine Ryan Howard’s thriller is a book within a book. And she makes the format work. It feels like you’re reading a memoir of Eve’s hunt to find the man who slaughtered her family. The tension ratchets up as Jim reads the book and his rage builds. The engrossing story is intricately plotted and intense. 

At first the book within a book format was just a smidge confusing since I was listening to the audiobook. But then I realized Eve’s chapters where her book and Jim’s chapters were his thoughts. Narrators Alana Kerr Collins and John Keating doing a fabulous job bringing the characters to life. And I loved listening to their Irish accents! 

This is one of my favorite thrillers that I’ve read this year! 

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