Sunday, November 29, 2020

Distress Signals

 Distress Signals 

Author: Catherine Ryan Howard

Narrators: Alan Smyth, Bronson Pinchot, and Suzanne Toren

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Year: 2017


There’s three different storylines running through this book. The main storyline is Adam’s search for his missing girlfriend Sarah. Sarah tells Adam that she’s going to France for a work conference and then she disappears. Adam tracks her to a cruise ship and discovers Sarah is not the only woman who has mysteriously disappeared from the ship recently. 

The second storyline involves Corinne an older French woman who’s working on the ship as cabin staff. She’s on the ship searching for her son among the thousands of people working and vacationing onboard. 

The third storyline is a flashback to the past. Romi is a French boy who tries to be good but things always go very wrong. His mother can’t stand him. When Romi tries to soothe his baby brother, Romi ends up almost killing the baby. When Romi tries to  stop a bully from picking on his other brother, Romi kills the bully and is incarcerated. He is released on his 18th birthday and pronounced cured by the psychiatrist who worked with him. 

All three storylines eventually tie together but it felt like a stretch at times. Adam’s search for Sarah dragged for me at times and I thought Romi’s story was more interesting. Narrators Alan Smyth, Bronson Pinchot, and Suzanne Toren all do excellent work narrating the three different storylines. This was a meh book for me but the narrators made it an enjoyable listen. 

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