Tuesday, November 10, 2020

October Reading Wrap Up

October was a fun reading month. I finally finished listening to James Clavell’s Shogun. It’s just over 53 hours of listening time. Whew! That’s a long book! A little too long if you ask me. I only read it because it’s on Amazon’s list of 100 mysteries and thrillers to read in a lifetime. After reading it, I wouldn’t put it in the mystery or thriller category. I wouldn’t have put it on the list but Amazon didn’t ask my opinion. 😀 

Harlan Coben’s Tell No One is also on Amazon’s list. The book was good but I don’t think it’s stellar. Another book on the list that I don’t think deserves to be there. 

Everybody’s favorite vigilante drifter Jack Reacher is back in The Sentinel. Series creator Lee Child is handing the writing duties over to his brother Andrew Child. I enjoyed The Sentinel and look forward to see what direction Andrew will take the series. 

My two five star books for the month were The Alice Network and The Sundown Motel. The Alice Network is an engrossing espionage story that bounces back and forth between World War I and just after World War II. 

The Sundown Motel was the perfect book to read during the spooky season. A young woman investigates the disappearance of her aunt 30 years ago. Her aunt went missing while working the night shift at a creepy motel. A great mystery with just a touch of horror. 

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