Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tell No One

Author: Harlan Coben 

Publisher: Dell

Year: 2017


Complex isn’t the right word for this book. I think convoluted is more accurate. Sure, there’s lots of twists and turns but they are so outlandish they are can’t be taken seriously. 

Dr. Stephen Beck’s wife was murdered eight years ago and he’s still grieving. They were soulmates, together since the tender age of 13. He can’t get over her. Then he gets a cryptic email from an anonymous sender and his life is turned upside down. 

A few years ago Amazon came out with a list of 100 mysteries and thrillers to read in a lifetime. (I’ll put a link to the list in the comments.) Well, I saw the list as a personal challenge and started my way through it. I had already read many books on the list, so now I reading the books that are new to me. The list is interesting with classic older books and modern books. 

Tell No One is on the list and that’s why I read it. And now I’m wondering why it’s on the their list. It’s good, but not great. It’s entertaining but the characters and the story isn’t going to stick with me. I’m sure many other readers liked it more than I did. But I just don’t see it as a “must read” thriller.

Here’s Amazon’s list: 


What book would you designate as a must read mystery or thriller?

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