Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Sentinel

 The Sentinel 

Author: Lee Child and Andrew Child

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Year: 2020


The Sentinel is the 25th book in the long running Jack Reacher series. This is the transition book because series creator Lee Child co-wrote it with his brother Andrew who will take over the writing going forward. 

Has anything changed with a new author? My short answer: nope. Reacher is still hitchhiking or taking a bus around the country. He’s still finding trouble. He still loves coffee. He’s still adverse to technology. He still likes a good fight. And yet, I thought there were subtle changes. He seemed more talkative in this book. I also thought there was a bit more humor in the book. Maybe not laugh out loud humor but somethings made me smirk. 

How does it compare? The last few Reacher books were just okay for me. Not great, but I read them because I’m a long time fan. This one was good- better than the last few. I’m optimistic about a new author taking over. 

The story itself is timely, although it did seem to take awhile for the villains’ caper to unfold. But there were some twists and turns and a lot of fistfights and coffee along the way. It was a fun and fast read for me and I think Reacher fans will enjoy it. 

What book are you reading to kick off November? 

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