Monday, December 21, 2020

Little Cruelties

 Little Cruelties

Author: Liz Nugent

Publisher: Gallery Scout Press

Year: 2020

Happy winter solstice! 

I read this for this month’s #buddyreadstodiefor on Instagram and can’t wait to chat with the group about it soon. 

This is the story of three brothers growing up in Dublin. From the opening page of the book, the reader knows one brother is dead but not who it is. Each section of the book is told from each brother’s POV. It was interesting to get the brothers individual recollection of events from their childhood and see how it affected them in adulthood. 

This a dysfunctional family! I think just about every character in this book is unlikable. William is the oldest brother. He can’t stand his younger siblings, is the apple of his mother’s eye, driven to succeed, and is a sexist and a misogynist. Brian the middle brother is jealous of Will, has a terrible temper, and is tight with a buck. Luke, the youngest, somehow manages to have a successful but short lived career as a pop singer, has drug and alcohol addictions, and mental health issues. Each brother does things that wreck havoc on each other’s lives. 

This is not so much a thriller as it is a family drama. Author Liz Nugent deftly weaves the story together and keeps you interested and invested in this awful  family. 


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