Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie

 The Mystery of Mrs. Christie 

Author: Marie Benedict 

Publisher: Sourcebooks 

Year: 2020

In December of 1926 Agatha Christie, the queen of crime fiction, disappeared for 11 days. When she was found, she told the police she had amnesia and never spoke of those 11 missing days again. She never even mentioned it in her autobiography. Total mystery. 

Marie Benedict’s fictionalized account of those 11 days paints of portrait of devoted wife Agatha twisting herself into knots to please her persnickety husband Archie. She thinks if she does everything right, he will love her and end his affair with another woman. Through most of the book I kept thinking, Agatha Christie couldn’t have been like this in real life. And that’s how Marie Benedict got me! I missed all the clues even though I was staring right at them. I missed the big twist. My bad. But that just made the ending so much more delicious for me. 

This is a smart, snappy and imaginative account of what might have happened during those 11 days. I think Agatha Christie would be very happy with Benedict’s account. 

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