Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Beach Read

 Beach Read 

Author: Emily Henry

Publisher: Berkeley 

Year: 2020

Opposites attract in this sweet and smart lstory about two authors who end up as neighbors for the summer.

January, a romance writer who lost her mojo, is grieving the death of her father and the breakup of her relationship with her long time boyfriend. She decides to move into her father’s cottage on the shore of Lake Michigan for the summer. January is heartbroken after learning her parents’ fairy tale love story wasn’t perfect. Her father had shared the cottage with his mistress. January plans empty the cottage out and sell it. She’s also under pressure to deliver a new manuscript but she too depressed and heartsick to write about love. 

She quickly discovers her new next door neighbor is Gus Everett, author of literary fiction and her old college nemesis and crush. Gus is dealing with his own trauma and grief. January and Gus make a bet to jumpstart their writing. She’ll try her hand at writing the great American novel and he will write a romance. 

They decide to give each other tutorials to help their writing processes. January takes Gus on “romantic dates” to a country fair and a night of line dancing. Gus takes January to interview survivors of a local cult. The more time they spend together, the more their friendship and then romance grows. 

This is a fun, but not overly saccharine, read! The characters are interesting and likable. They pull you right in. The dialogue is snappy and smart. The story is not just a cute romance. There’s some very poignant scenes packed inside. It all adds up to a delightful and tender love story. 

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