Saturday, February 27, 2021

Speedy Internet?


Happy Saturday! 

I’m #currentlylistening to Smoke by Joe Ide. It’s number five in the IQ series. 

I live in a little rural corner of the world. It is beautiful, but good internet is hard to find. For years the only internet available was through a regional telephone provider and it’s slow. And goes out frequently. And is very slow and just generally sucks. And yet we put up with it because it was really the only option. But now the technology gods have given me an option. We’ve switched over to a cellular internet provider and life is good! Netflix isn’t pixelated. It doesn’t take forever to text a pic of the dogs to my daughter. Everything loads faster. Yippee! But I’ve been spending the morning switching my email account that was with my old internet provider over to gmail. I have to go through every app and every online account I have and make the change. But it’s so worth it when I finally kick my old internet provider to the curb this week. 

My next change will probably be to get rid of our expensive satellite tv provider and switch to a live tv streaming service. Any recommendations? Hope you all are having a delightful Saturday! 

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