Friday, February 5, 2021

The Rose Code

 The Rose Code 

Author: Kate Quinn

Publisher: William Morrow Books

Year: 2021

The Rose Code follows the story of three very different women who work to crack the Enigma codes during World War II. Osla is vivacious debutant out to prove she is more than just a “silly deb” with a pretty face. She has a brain and wants to be taken seriously for a change. Mab is a poor girl with family secrets who wants a stable life with a respectable husband. She’s not a social climber. She just wants a better life than the one she grew up with. Beth is brilliant, quiet, and shy. She’s held under her abusive and domineering mother’s thumb. Beth soon becomes one of the best code breakers at Betchley Park, the secret facility dedicated to decoding and translating German radio transmissions. The three women form an unlikely friendship as Osla and Mab help Beth come out of her shell and stand up to her mother. 

As the war progresses and the women become more immersed in their work at BP, they all experience romance and heartache. Their friendship fractures when Mab suffers a devastating loss and blames Osla and Beth. Just as the Allies begin to launch the D-Day invasion of France, Beth discovers there’s a traitor inside the Bletchley Park. Before she has the chance to crack more code to learn the traitor’s identity, she’s accused of having a breakdown and whisked off to a mental hospital. She spends three and a half years there trying to maintain her sanity and figure out who the traitor was. When the medical staff start discussing a lobotomy for her, Beth is desperate. She reaches out to her old friends Osla and Mad to help get her out, find the traitor, and bring them to justice. 

Quinn crafts a well researched and thrilling story of the women who worked so behind the scenes for their country during the war. The characters are witty, determined, and so very real - especially in their grief and heartache. Osla, Mab, and Beth will stay with you long after you finish reading the book. She does a wonderful job capturing the chaotic energy of Bletchley Park and the brilliant people who worked there. There’s something here for every reader to enjoy from historical fiction, to romance to espionage. This is sure to be another best seller. 


Thanks to NetGalley, Kate Quinn, and William Morrow Books for the eARC. Publishes March 9, 2021. 

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