Saturday, March 6, 2021

Three Hours in Paris

 Three Hours in Paris

Author: Cara Black

Publisher: Soho Crime

Year: 2020

A young American sharp shooter is recruited by British intelligence for a daring mission in Nazi occupied Paris. Can she pull off a nearly impossible mission and then get out of Paris alive? 

In Cara Black’s historical thriller Three Hours in Paris, Kate Rees is grieving the loss of her husband and baby daughter when she accepts a mission to go to Paris to assassinate Hitler. Kate is an expert markswoman, and after some intense espionage training, she’s flown into France. Kate’s mission goes wrong from the get-go and Kate soon finds herself on the run with a German policeman on her trail. Along the way, she finds a dying British engineer who was trying to smuggle out the plans for the German naval invasion of England. Her only hope of survival is to get the invasion plans and use the engineer’s contacts to get out of France. Can she succeed when so many others have failed? 

This is an engrossing mix of historical fiction, espionage thriller, and police procedural. This book pulled me right in with its well drawn characters and the fast paced plot. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cloudy, cold, and windy here in my little corner of the world. Winter keeps hanging on. Do you have sunshine ☀️ today? Enjoy your Saturday! 

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