Tuesday, April 6, 2021



Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Hard Case Crime

Year: 2021

Jamie sees dead people - or more accurately the recently departed. He’s had this special ability since he was a little boy. Sometimes it’s gross and scary. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the person is dead. Eventually the ghost, spirt, or whatever you want to call it fades away. 

Jamie’s special ability doesn’t usually affect his life until one day it does. Liz, Jamie’s mom’s girlfriend, is a cop trying to hang on to her job. The police have been trying to catch a bomber who had been terrorizing the city for years. The bomber is dead, but he left one final bomb. Liz knows if she can find the final bomb before it goes off, she’ll keep her job. She enlists Jamie’s help in finding the recently departed bomber. She wants Jamie to talk to the dead man and to find out where he planted his last bomb. The recently departed can’t lie when asked a direct question. As Jamie questions the dead man, he realizes something is different.

Something evil has taken over the dead man. Something terrifying that won’t fade away. 

I flew through Stephen King’s new book for Hard Case Crime. I loved Jamie and his mom. Jamie’s breezy first person point of view is like a mesmerizing story a stranger tells you over beers in a dark bar. There’s humor, suspense, evil, and main character with lots of heart. 


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