Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Weekend Away

 The Weekend Away

Author: Sarah Alderson

Publisher: Harper 360

Year: 2021

Happy Publication Day - a day late! 

BFFs Orla and Kate head off on a girls weekend to catch up and recharge their friendship. They’ve drifted apart since Orla and her husband had a baby, while Kate is in the midst of a messy divorce. 

Kate’s night out on the town is far different from what Orla expects. Kate takes Orla to a late dinner at an expensive restaurant and then to a club where Kate starts flirting with two men. Kate invites the two men back to their Airbnb over Orla’s drunken protests. The next morning, Orla wakes up with only scattered memories of the previous night and Kate missing. As the hours pass without Kate turning up, Orla sets out to find her friend and figure out what happened. The more Orla looks for Kate, the more secrets she uncovers about her best friend and herself. 

This is an entertaining thriller that’s perfect for a quick read by the pool or at the beach. Orla is a likable main character and the book has lots of lies for her to untangle. This is perfect for fans of the Lifetime channel’s movie mysteries. 

Thank you to NetGalley, author Sarah Alderson  and Harper 360 for the eARC of the book. The Weekend Away publishes on April 13th. 

Where would you like to go for a weekend away with your BFF? 

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