Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Perfect Daughter

 The Perfect Daughter 

Author: D.J. Palmer

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Year: 2021

What is it about multi personality disorder that captures our imagination? From books to movies, we are intrigued with characters who have split personalities. 

Penny is the cherished adopted daughter of the Francone family. But she’s not just Penny. She’s also Ruby, Chloe, and Eve. When Penny is found covered in blood and holding a knife at the scene of her birth mother’s murder, her family and her doctor set out to prove Penny’s diagnosis of multiple personalities and her innocence. 

This book is filled with twists and turns, suspects, and red herrings which makes it an enthralling thriller. The author treats mental health issues with respect instead of just using it as a cliched plot device or for shock value. 

I read this as part of a #spontaneousgroupread hosted by the fabulous @andrea.c.lowry.reads She’s an amazing bookstagrammer and if you’re not following her, you really should. Loved our group discussion about the book too. 

My sister and I had a wonderful visit with our mom this week. Mom, who has Alzheimer’s, was alert and chatty. She said she’d busy writing lesson plans and curriculum. She’s been retired from teaching elementary school for 30 years. She also complained that after working for hours on it, her principal would just stick it all in a file without bothering to read it- just like a typical administrator. 😂 The teacher part of her brain is still going strong! 😀 

What’s everyone reading this weekend? I’m starting The Prophets today. 

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