Monday, June 28, 2021

City of Saviors


Author: Rachel Howzell Hall

Narrator: Je Nei Fleming

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Year: 2017

Happy Monday! 

Rachel Howzell Hall writes incredible characters. Her characters are smart, funny, flawed, down to earth and so very real. As much as I loved Grayson Skyes from her best seller And Now She’s Gone, I love Det. Elouise (Lou) Norton even more. 

Lou, newly promoted to Detective Sargent, and her partner Colin Taggert get called to a scene that looks pretty innocuous. An older man was found dead in his home. At first glance, it looks like L.A.’s most recent heatwave plus food poisoning took it’s toll on the elderly Viet Nam veteran. But Lou doesn’t think the case is as simple as that. Murder is never simple. 

This is the fourth book is the series. It could be read as a stand alone but I’d recommend reading series in order so you understand Lou’s backstory. Je Nie Fleming’s narration brings the story to life and is the perfect mix of lady boss, sarcasm, and vulnerability. This is one of my favorite police procedural series. If you’re a fan of And Now She’s Gone, you definitely want to check out this series. 

I’m off to the dentist this afternoon. No drilling this time around. Just getting the impression for the cap needed on the tooth that had the root canal. 🦷 Then I’m going to stop at the library to see what new books are available. What’s on your agenda this week? 

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