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Faithful Place

 Faithful Place 

Author: Tana French

Narrator: Tim Gerard Reynolds

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Year: 2018

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A dysfunctional family, a nosy neighborhood, family secrets and lies, a long lost love, and a recently discovered body all add up to a gripping mystery. 

Twenty-two years ago, Frank Mackey was all set to run away from his working class Dublin neighborhood with Rosie, the love of his life. But Rosie never showed up to meet him. Frank walked away that night, vowing never to return and became a police officer. He’s pulled back to his old neighborhood and his family when remains are discovered hidden in an abandoned house. 

Frank’s not on the Murder squad. He’s in the undercover division, but he begins his own investigation of the remains and that puts him right back in the middle of his dysfunctional family he was so desperate to escape all those years ago. Frank has to use all his skills to uncover information from his old neighbors and his own family and to maneuver around the detective running the official investigation. 

This is the third book in Tana French’s popular Dublin Murder Squad series, but it reads as a stand alone. I read the first book in the series and skipped the second book. I didn’t have a. problem reading this one out of order. 

Tim Gerard Reynolds narrates the audiobook with aplomb. He sounded like what I thought a tough Dublin cop should sound like. This mix of police procedural and domestic drama gives him great material to work with. Well plotted and filled with very real characters, this book will satisfy any mystery fan. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hope you have a relaxing day to recharge for the upcoming week. Anything planned for the week? I have to get an oil change for my car. 🚙 

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