Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Let It Go!


Happy Wednesday! 

I started a new book yesterday.
It’s by a debut author from a small independent publisher. I had high hopes. 

I knew by the end of the first page that it wasn’t for me. I think the opening scene was meant to be sort of shocking or a provocative way to introduce the main character, a teenage girl. It was supposed to be a peek at the wants and desires of this girl. It felt like an exploitation. 

But I kept reading. I wanted to give this story and the author a fair try. A few more chapters in, I gave up. The characters were flat. The story never really picked up and the depictions of violence against teenage girls was too over the top and unnecessary. 

It was disappointing, but I’m not going to spend my time reading a book I don’t like. There’s too many other great books I want to read. So I happily browsed my library’s ebook collection and found something more suited to me- a thriller from a familiar author featuring a female PI. 

When I was working in the library, I stressed to kids, especially reluctant readers, that it was ok to give up on a book and find something else. It was a tough concept for some kids to get. Are you the kind of reader who pushes on through a book no matter what? 

Happy reading! 

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