Monday, June 7, 2021

The Cave Dwellers

 The Cave Dwellers

Author: Christina McDowell

Narrator: Madeline Maby

Publisher: Simon Audio

Year: 2021

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One of Washington DC’s most elite families is brutally murdered and their home set on fire. The senseless murders reverberate through the families of the district’s oldest, richest, and most powerful families. 

@christinamcdowellauthor’s novel is filled with an assortment of scheming characters including a sex addicted senator, an old money family trying to hide their current business troubles, social climbers, a military man at the apex of his career, and a teenage girl trying to reconcile her belief in the criminal justice system with reality. Their secrets and the pressures to appear perfect trickle down to their children with sometimes tragic consequences. 

I found this to be an engrossing dramedy. The lengths some characters went to to make sure their kids went to the right school, or that they joined the right country club, or socialized with the right people bordered on the absurd- scathingly funny but sad at the same time. 

Narrator @madeleinemaby brings the elite power players to life in the audiobook. She easily switches back and forth from heartbroken teens to desperate wannabes trying to crack the unwritten societal codes. Her narration gives depth to even the shallowest characters, making me care what happened to them. 

This is perfect for fans of Scandal, House of Cards, Gossip Girls, or Real Housewives. Any reader who likes a peek behind the curtain to see how the other half lives will easily be pulled in to this story of power, lust, and wealth. 

Summer weather has come roaring in to my little corner of the world! Where’s your favorite summertime reading spot? 

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