Friday, July 9, 2021

Find You First


Author: Linwood Barclay

Publisher: William Morrow Books

Year: 2021

Happy Friday y’all! 

Miles, a successful tech entrepreneur just diagnosed with a progressive and fatal disease, decides to leave his millions to his biological children. One problem- he doesn’t know how many children he has. As a young man desperate for money, Miles donated to a fertility clinic. Miles soon learns he has nine heirs scattered across the country. As he begins to reach out to them, he discovers some of the nine are disappearing or dying under mysterious circumstances. Miles teams up with Chloe, one of the nine, to figure out what’s going on and to stop whoever is responsible. 

Linwood Barclay’s latest thriller is a fast paced and engrossing story. It was a pretty quick read and I really enjoyed it. Beyond the thriller parts, Barclay looks at the ramifications of commercial DNA testing and what makes a family. Do genetics solely make family members or is it the people who have your back? 

CW: a Jeffrey Epstein like character, sexual abuse, kidnapping. 

The weekend is upon us! What are you doing this weekend? Reading anything interesting? We have a graduation party to go to on Sunday. Until then, I’ll be trying to catch up on some reading. 

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