Saturday, August 21, 2021

Take Me with You When You Go


Authors: David Levithan and Jennifer Niven

Publisher: Random House Children’s

Year: 2021

Two months shy of her high school graduation, 18 year-old Bea disappears without a trace. She couldn’t take her abusive stepfather and uncaring mother one more day. So she left, but she left behind her younger brother Ezra. 

The story is told through a series of alternating emails between Ezra and Bea. The siblings have a lot of emotions to unpack. Their mom has seeming turned against them since marrying her second husband. Their stepfather has made the household a nightmare of emotional and physical abuse. They haven’t heard from their biological dad since their parents split up. It’s a lot. But authors David Levitation and Jennifer Niven know how to write teen characters with care and emotion. Bea discovers she is not totally alone and that there are good people willing to help. Ezra learns that he doesn’t have to carry his burdens alone and to open up to those who care for him. 

The email format of the book makes for short chapters and a quick read. Bea and Ezra come across as realistic teens- impulsive, petulant at times, scared, and yet still hopeful. This is perfect for teen readers looking for realistic fiction and fans of the authors’ previous works. 

Thank you to @netgalley , the authors, and random house children’s for the review copy of the ebook. Take Me with You When You Go publishes Aug. 31st. 

We’re on the road today. Our son in law graduates from the police academy today. What’s new with you? 

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