Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Do No Harm


Author: Christina McDonald

Publisher: Gallery Books

Year: 2021

A woman is willing to cross any line to save her son. 

Emma, a doctor, and her husband Nate, a police detective, learn their son Josh has a rare form of cancer. The already financially strapped couple worry about how to pay for Josh’s treatment. Nate puts all his effort into solving the murder of a local drug dealer and earn a promotion. Emma knows they need the money now. She coerces an old boyfriend into helping her sell illegal opiates. Emma is soon caught in the the crosshairs of Nate’s investigation with deadly results. 

This is part family drama, part police procedural, part indictment of our broken healthcare system, and part examination of the opioid epidemic. There’s a lot going on and author Christina McDonald makes it all work. It’s interesting to see how Emma’s attitude about opioids shifts and changes as she gets deeper and deeper into the drug trade.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have one little complaint. The forensic pathologist is described as “a small mousy woman, quiet, more like a librarian than a pathologist”. Really?! It’s almost 2022. Can we please stop stereotyping librarians as quiet and mousy? Librarians and loud and fierce. We have to be, especially now. Librarians are leading the charge against the recent rash of book banning. There is nothing quiet or mousy about today’s librarians. We’re advocates for books, authors, our patrons, and the freedom to read. We can’t afford to be quiet and mousy. 

Ok, I’ll climb off my soapbox now. Our kids and their partners will be here for Thanksgiving. We’ve been cleaning and trying to get things straightened up before their arrival. I’m cooking the turkey tomorrow since I have to bring it to my sister’s house on Thursday. Are you traveling or staying home for the holiday? 

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