Saturday, December 31, 2022

December Reading Wrap Up


How did we get to the last day of December and 2022 already? The year & especially this month flew by. I’ve been reading, just not posting much at all. Maybe my new year’s resolution should be to get back to posting more. 😀

Many thanks to Simon & Schuster Audio for the following complimentary audiobooks: Before You Knew My Name, After I Do, The Other Side of Night, & A Man Called Ove. Truly appreciate it! 

Here’s the rundown: 


📖 Killers of a Certain Age - fast paced, fun thriller about 4 female assassins hitting retirement age and about to be permanently “retired.”

📖 The Measure - thought-provoking, tug your heartstrings story. Do we measure our lives by time or how we live? 

🎧 A Man Called Ove- am I one of the last people to read this? J.K Simmons’ narration is perfection. 

📖 My Darkest Prayer- a rerelease of S.A. Cosby’s first full length novel. Lots of action & great main character. Interesting to see Cosby’s evolve as a storyteller between this one and Blacktop Wasteland & Razorblade Tears. 


🎧Before You Knew My Name - engrossing mystery surrounding the body of an unidentified young woman. Really enjoyed this one. 

📖 The Devil Takes You Home - a mix of crime fiction and horror. A desperate and grieving father agrees to help rob money from a drug cartel. This one was really dark. 

🎧 After I Do - a husband and wife agree to a year long separation. Ultimately the story of a woman finding herself. 

📖 An Honest Living - slow burning story of a lawyer who gets caught tangled up with a best-selling author and her book-seller husband’s disappearance. Honestly, not a lot of action in this one. It was more character study & slice of life look at life in Brooklyn back in the day. 

🎧 The Final Hunt - a woman discovers her deceased husband was a serial killer. But is he really dead? Really enjoyed this one! 

📖 Red at the Bone - three generations of family deal with trauma and choices. This was my book club’s read for the month & prompted lots of discussion. 

QOTD: any reading resolutions for 2023? I’ll set & forget my Goodreads  challenge. My only goal is to read books I think I’ll enjoy. Wishing y’all a healthy & happy 2023! 

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