Friday, June 21, 2024

The Ministry of Time

Author: Kaliane Bradley

Narrators: Katie Leung and George Weightman

Publisher: Simon Audio

Year: 2024

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“Time,” she said, “is a limited resource like all of our resources.”

A book about time travel? Sign me up! A civil servant in the near future is offered a new job that comes with big promotion. Time travel is now possible & the ministry is gathering “expats” from across time to determine if time travel is feasible on a body & also on the fabric of space and time. The ministry has brought back several individuals from different periods in history. The civil servant’s job is to act as a “bridge” - living with, helping & monitoring expat 1847, Commander Graham Gore. Gore was on a doomed Arctic expedition. Now he’s learning to deal with computers, cellphones, washing machines, & a modern day woman. 

My quick summery doesn’t do justice to this impressive debt novel. It has something for every reader. It’s a combo of history, sci-fi, comedy, espionage, & romance. It’s full of interesting characters and a big twist at the end. This book pulled me in right from the beginning with its interesting & complex characters & intricate plot. Commander Gore was a real-life Royal Navy officer on the ill fated Franklin expedition. I liked the alternating chapters that gave a glimpse into Gore’s expedition and the man himself. 

The novel is also weighty enough to examine what it means to be a refugee both in and out of time. Gore’s bridge, the unnamed female main character, is the daughter of refugees. The plight of refugees has implications in not-too-distant future timelines. The narration by Katie Leung and George Weightman is top notch. 

All in all, this is a very entertaining and thought provoking novel. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

QOTD: do you think we’ll ever achieve time travel? 

I’m fascinated by the idea of time travel, but not sure if humans will ever be able to do it. 

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