Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Good Girls


Author: Claire Eliza Bartlett

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s

Year: 2020


“One of Us is Lying meets Sadie in this twisty, feminist thriller for the Me Too era.”

The goody-goody cheerleader, the nerd, the bad girl and the dead girl. All defined by their parents, peers, society. All bound by a terrible secret. 

Gwen and Emma are locked in an academic battle to win a full ride college scholarship that will get one of them out of their dead end town. Avery is the cheerleader and the pressure, especially from her parents, to be perfect is stifling her. Claude is the school’s bad girl- the sexually aggressive party girl who really isn’t as tough as she seems. 

I really liked the main characters, but it just felt like it took a long time for their story to unfold. Two of the girls are victims of a sexual predator. The other two girls are victims of the fallout of the predator. The girls feel powerless and believe no one will believe them if they go public with their stories. So they hatch a plan to stop him themselves. As far as this being a thriller, it’s pretty slow and not very thrilling. There was a lot of potential with the story. It just needed to pick up the pace. 

I would definitely recommend it to fans of who love One of Us Is Lying, but it lacks the intensity and punch in the gut of Sadie. 

The Good Girls publishes on 12/1/20. Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Children’s for the review copy. 

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