Monday, September 28, 2020

The Night Swim


Author: Megan Goldin

Publisher: Macmillion Audio

Year: 2020


Rachel, the host of a popular true crime podcast, decides to cover a rape trial for her new season. On trial is an Olympic hopeful swimmer who accused of raping a high school girl after a party. The trial is dividing a small NC beach town. While in town for the trial, Rachel receives a series of letters from Hannah that slowly recount the death of Hannah’s sister Jenny twenty five years earlier. At the time, Jenny’s death was ruled an accident. But Hannah knows her sister was murdered. She just needs Rachel’s help to prove it. 

This is a twisty and dark page turner. The past and present are intertwined as Rachel cover’s the present day trial for her podcast and digs into the past to uncover the truth about Jenny’s death. 

Similar to the book within a book concept (think Catherine  Ryan Howard’s amazing work The Nothing Man) this is a podcast within a book complete with episodes and introduction music. This works really well in an audiobook format. The story is told through three different points of view: Hannah’s letters to Rachel about Jenny’s death, Rachel digging for answers for Jenny’s death, and Rachel’s podcast.

Goldin’s writing is crisp and her characters are well drawn. She seamlessly weaves together two tragic and heartbreaking stories together into a signal narrative. The blend of past and present is compelling and propels the story. Narrators January LaVoy and Bailey Carr do outstanding work bringing the story to life. This is definitely an engrossing story you won’t want to put down!

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